Trade Mission Côte d’Ivoire – United Kingdom

03 – 07 March 2019, London, United Kingdom

Trade Mission Côte d'Ivoire - United Kingdom

 Grow your business with new and exciting business opportunities in the UK.

The UK Department of International Trade (DIT) in partnership with the Ivory Coast Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain and the Côte d’Ivoire Chamber of Commerce and Industry is proud to announce the dispatch of a delegation of Ivorian business leaders in London in March for a series of bilateral meetings with business and the British government. The Trade Mission is an opportunity to discover the commercial potential between the two markets.

Why the United Kingdom?

The total trade in goods and services (ie exports plus imports) between the United Kingdom and Côte d’Ivoire amounted to £ 676 million in 2017, an increase of 48.2% compared to 2016. Both countries want to see this growth increase. With regard to trade relations between the United Kingdom and Côte d’Ivoire, we know what you want, that is to say:

  • Access to the best of British expertise;
  • Access to the London market;
  • Support to strengthen your financing capacity;
  • Access to new opportunities for your financial sectors;
  • Help with the transformation of your economy

Three reasons to participate

Networking: Meet with local business leaders as well as government officials to learn about the business opportunities that exist in the UK.

Improve your expertise: B2B meeting with UK companies who share the same visions and benefit from their experiences in order to develop your business. Translators will be available at these meetings.

Grow your business: Develop new export contracts to grow your business with help from businesses and the UK government. These meetings will also help you promote your business.

Cost of the Commercial Mission:

Participation fee 1,015,000 FCFA

Includes: 3 nights of hotels, airport transfers, delegation travel, booking fees to manage the UK stay, visits and meetings in London, meeting with UK based institutions and companies and meals.

Six-month short-term visa fee 74,000 FCFA – AT THE EXPENSE OF THE COMPANIES (details below)


Trade Mission Program

Exciting events and activities are added daily!

Day 0 – Sunday 3rd March 2019
– Departure: Abidjan

Day 1 – Monday 4th March 2019
– Arrival: of the delegation in London
– Afternoon: Guided tour of London
– Evening: Dinner and Pre-Mission Information

Day 2 – Tuesday 5th March 2019
– Morning session: Meeting with institutions in the UK (DIT, FCO, UKEF)
– Lunch: With the delegation and the various organizations involved in the mission
– Afternoon session: Meeting with the desired institutions in the UK, each group will be managed by a member of the CICCGB
– Cocktail: At the Ivorian Embassy (sponsored by the Côte d’Ivoire Embassy in London)
– Dinner: Free time to explore London

Day 3 – Wednesday 6th March 2019
– Morning Session: Mini Themed Conference – Included Lunch, B2B Networking
– Lunch: In the context of the conference
– Afternoon: B2B Business Networking Session as part of the conference
– Dinner: Dinner and conclusion

Day 4– Thursday 7th March 2019
– Departure: London