UK-Côte d’Ivoire Trade Forum

London 116 Pall Mall, SW1Y5ED

06 March 2019, 9.00 to 17.30

Tap into one of the fastest growing markets in the world with new and exciting business opportunities abroad.  

Let us show the world that the UK is open for business.

UK-CI Trade Forum

The Côte d’Ivoire Chamber in Great Britain in collaboration with the British Government and the DIT is organising a Trade Mission in London, to promote Côte d’Ivoire as an investment destination for British companies and investors. The CICCGB in Partnership with the DIT and the CCI-CI is pleased to organise a Business Conference and Forum during the trade mission in London to showcase British and Ivorian products and services to open the way to new business frontiers.

Why Côte d’Ivoire?

Since 2012, Côte d’Ivoire has become one of the fastest growing countries in Africa indeed globally, with average growth over 7%. Côte d’Ivoire is a regional hub, member of the 15 member state ECOWAS and the largest economy in the Economic and Monetary Union of West African states.

The total trade in goods and services (ie exports plus imports) between the United Kingdom and Côte d’Ivoire amounted to £ 562 million in 2017, a 10% increase compared to 2016. Both countries want to see this growth continue.

Reasons to participate in the Trade Mission

  • Networking: Meet with Ivorian business leaders to learn about the business opportunities that exist in Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Grow your business: Develop new export contracts to grow your business with help from the UK government.


09:00: Themed Conference, Chair by Mark Simmonds: Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The conference is to hear from the delegation and other individuals about the trade and business potential in Côte d’Ivoire. With the following session:

  • Official Welcome address Côte d’Ivoire host country
  • Panel 1: Energy Diversification of the energy mix
  • Panel 2: Agriculture Seizing the opportunity
  • Panel 3: Infrastructure Modernization and Development
  • Panel 4: Manufacturing & Sustainable production and value chains
  • Panel 5: Technologies Bridging the gap
  • Panel 6: How to do Business in Cote d’Ivoire

14:30: FORUM – B2B Networking Session. The main sectors are:

  • Petroleum equipment;
  • Construction;
  • Architecture;
  • Agribusiness;
  • Communications and Marketing;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Finance;
  • Insurance;
  • and Education

To take advantage of this opportunity,contact CICCGB to sign up today.

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